Spectacular Scandinavian Grass Roofs

Green roofs are at last experiencing some well-deserved reputation on advanced buildings from the US, but in Scandinavia they can be found portion of old fashioned architecture for centuries. Today it really is feasible to find out an astonishing a number of efficient roofs in Norway, all paying homage on the nation’s love of those Eco-friendly architectural benefits.

Some green roofs are planted with – if you’ll forgive the pun – garden-assortment grass. Others display a more complex vegetation pattern, frequently including flowers, trees and reduced shrubs. Even trees make an occasional appearance, although inside the pic earlier mentioned the trees appear to become overgrown and sitting atop a structurally injured property.

Green roofs aren’t only lovely; they support to insulate a house and hold its heating and air conditioning prices lower. The bodyweight in the roof and its necessary structural supports support to stabilize the home, and grass roofs are generally very long-lived.

One in the best requests typically enquired about green roofs is “But just how on earth do you mow it?” The fact is simple: in most cases, you don’t. Think of grass roofs being a undomesticated prairie environment wherever the plants are left growing because they remember to. Their gorgeous organic say provides a lot of character towards the residences on which they sit down.

Norwegians buildings trended toward more modern-day roofs to get a while, but a traditionalist movement is bringing these ultra-effective and lovely roofs again. Scandinavians are so seriously interested in their green roofs, in fact, that each year there may be often a competition to find out the lotion with the harvest by your Scandinavian Green Roof Association.

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