DIY Gazing Ball Decoration

Gazing Ball Tutorial

One in the solutions to highlight the beauty of this garden should be to introduce a gazing ball feature. This feature is especially nice when it could possibly be sparkly, but unfortunately it could amount to a bit fortune. However right now were likely to tips on how to produce a DIY gazing ball, out of this easy tutorial.

For this project you’ll want the examples below items:

  • bowling ball
  • sandpaper or sanding block
  • silicon sealant or epoxy adhesive
  • chalk
  • decorative factors

To start, you might want to prepare the surface with the bowling ball, which may be done by sanding the ball. Find the center from the ball and mark it with chalk. This is required for placing of decor elements, and their spacing. Once you might have marked it, it’s time for you to apply the decorative embellishments, which could be metal washers, glass beads, mirrors, ceramic tile and marbles.

You has to prepare them all for being attached towards the bowling ball. They could be applied by using a use of adhesive, just follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If the decor piece is too heavy, you should temporarily secure it with tape, so it won’t slide.

It is important to slowly progress applying the embellishments and it really is advisable to ensure there is enough place in between the decor elements. Give them time for you to dry and when we can see any excess adhesive, remove it by following the manufacturer instructions.

Gazing Ball Tutorial

Now, when you finally’ve completed decorating the bowling ball, it is time for you to match its decorative value. As you will know, gazing balls utilized extensively as fountain decorations. However, using them separately is likewise a fantastic suggestion. Experiment with different locations and listen to where the gazing ball is offering the best visual impact about the garden. The tutorial is by Tom Russell.

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